Life change and blogging return

Ok so I am officially a bad blogger. Terrible in fact. My idea of tracking my learning experience in business analysis has been thwarted by a combination of workload and life changes. But I am now the proud father of a 5 month old boy, Owen, who is the light of my life and I wouldn’t swap any time I have spent with him for anything.

Owen StandsThe job has been a challenge. Following training last year I was assigned 2 accounts for a go-live in January 2009, and one of them was an absolute nightmare. Both the people, who were obnoxious, bitter and just angry, as well as the role I had to play which was to be a subject-matter expert in a field in which I had no hands-on experience! Difficult to say the least. But I battled through, both went live on time and successfully, and I learnt a lot. I then was swept in to my next 2 accounts with a April start and my son was born April 18th, so it all just got a little messy.

But here I am, September already and I have hit my stride so I intend to return to this blogs objective and document my thoughts and learning experiences regarding Business Analysis. Watch this space, but maybe don’t hold your breath 🙂

Life change and blogging return

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