New job!

On Monday January 18th I will be starting a new job as a Business Analyst / Project Manager, at a small IT consultancy that creates custom web applications as well as offering hosting solutions.  They predominantly use Agile methodologies where possible, however the final approval comes from the client, so if the client wants Waterfall then so be it.  This is a very exciting move for me, and I cannot wait to get started on Monday.

I started this blog in 2008 to track my career change from a recruiter with 10 years experience to a Business Analyst (hence the blog name, see my first post).  My first role however was not ideal, and I knew that going in as it was an Implementation Consultant role for a SaaS product.  Although it involved business analysis type work, such as requirements gathering and extensive customer interaction, it was within a very confined environment.  Essentially the product existed, we were just tailoring where possible and getting the customer trained, live and bringing in revenue.  It was a good starting point but not what I wanted long-term.  I entered Business Analysis with the idea of working on new software product development and release, preferably web applications as that seemed so fluid and exciting.  This new role seems very much in line with what I saw in my minds-eye when I started this career change adventure.

This new job is a combination, they are bringing together the Business Analyst and Project Manager roles.  Previous experience has shown the owners that at present there is not enough work on either side for a full role and that there is also a lot of cross-over.  I will get involved in so many different areas, from requirements gathering, developing and managing a project plan, wireframes, information architecture, testing and so much more I’m sure.  I have a lot to learn.

I will be working my way through the following books recommended by one of the company owners as I get started, and will post a quick review of each as I go:

So a new chapter opens in my career change, and again I will be blogging my progress.

I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has worked in a joint BA /PM role such as this, and any other suggestions on readings would be most helpful.

New job!

4 thoughts on “New job!

  1. Mark,

    Congratulations on your new job. The following in your post “however the final approval comes from the client” was quite interesting. Why would the client care about anything other than getting the work done? Are clients becoming to educated right now (project management wise) that they need to force the methodology?

    PS: I did publish an article a while ago on mixing agile and waterfall, maybe you’ll have the time to check it.

  2. Mark Tattersall says:

    I think that the client can force the methodology if they are insisting on a estimation of time and final functionality in the deliverable. I understand that sometimes this company has been forced in to waterfall so they can say this will be complete by this time with this functionality and they can produce things like Gantt charts that the client is demanding to see. It may give the client the feeling that they know what is going on if they have only ever worked in a waterfall environment.

    Thanks for the comment, I will check out your agile/waterfall post.

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