Blogging objective

So this is it, my first blog post and I am wandering in the dark a little wondering who will ever read this. But I throw myself at the feet of the Internet and the belief that there is always someone, somewhere, who could be interested in my meandering sentences.

The idea behind starting this blog is that……


Well good for me you may say, and I would tend to agree with you. But it is more than just that, it is a career change. I have been a recruiter for the last 8 years but for the last year or so I have been trying to break into the field of Business Analysis as it just seems to be a great fit with my interests and work style. To get through the barriers of no experience and no qualifications, I started the Masters program in Business & Information Technology program part-time at DePaul University. The money and time have paid off ! I was offered a Business Analyst – Software Implementation role last Friday for a large HR software and services outsource company and start work on May 12th.

The job itself is not ideal, at least from my perspective so far, it seems very specific to one software product and is very customer service oriented, but it is a step in the direction I want to go. So I wanted to blog from this point, to trace my learning, raise points and ask for help as I push in to this new field and ideally towards a role with a company such as ThoughtWorks (

The Business Analyst career is not very well defined and there are many options open to people, with no clear entry point or career development path, so I hope that this blog over the coming months and years will act as a reference point for anyone else looking to pursue a job in this area.

Thanks for reading!

Blogging objective